​How to create own free forum ?

Now there are many free to establish the platform of the forum, each forum has features of their own.
I recommend a I think a good free forum platform comparison:
MoreForum features:
1 immediate community – “MORE” take you into the instant forums, instant group, instant chat time, let the community within reach.
2 mobile phone computer synchronous support Android / Apple mobile phone terminal, computer terminal customer support, forum messages instantly push notifications whenever and wherever possible, the ease of access.
3 independent advertising — all community forum support custom advertising, owners can make money by independent on forum of advertising.
4 many templates fully customizable – many forum templates for you to choose, through plug-in system, fully customizable, you can easily achieve the forum style templates in the system.
5 support shared fast login –MoreForum free instant community forum integrated social sharing platform, you can easily use the Facebook, Twitter and other account fast login and sharing.
6 data safety and reliability – professional computer room, forum data real-time remote backup, data without let forum you have lost.
Registered address: http://www.moreforum.com/
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